Global Canine Welfare Code of Conduct

Being a member of GCW is more than just a title .. it promotes fair play, honesty, integrity  and respect in the canine industry and shows other members that you have values that you’re proud of.

By becoming a Global Canine Welfare member all canine service providers are agreeing at all times to adhere to our code of conduct:

1.     When a canine is in your care, any methods used by you or your employees, should be force free and not inflict any pain.

2.     Under no circumstances shall prong or shock collars be used when working with any canine.

3.     You commit to ensuring that you and where applicable your employees every year undertake continued professional development.

4.     When employing new members of staff, stringent and through checks will be undertaken to ensure that the new employee has not been or is not currently involved in any illicit, illegal or harmful activities towards animals.

5.     Greeting customers and canines in a polite and professional manner.

6.     Ensuring that all the needs of the canine’s health, behaviour and needs are understood prior to delivering any service.

7.     Provide consistent and clear communication with the canine’s owners detailing any concern’s, issues or advice.

8.     At all times the canine’s health and welfare will be your highest priority.

9.     Any waste that the canine produces will be collected and discarded with in the correct manner.

10.  All canines will be handled on the lead unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the owner.

11.  Advise your customers that all canines should have an address or telephone number tag attached to their collar.

12.  Ensure that you have the correct business insurances in place prior to providing any services to your customers. Where required this can be provided to your customers

13.  When transporting canines at no times will they be left in a vehicle unattended unless you are collecting or dropping off other canines. At all times during transportation the dog will be secure, and the vehicle used will meet the country’s vehicle standards.

14.  You will be able to provide your customers with evidence that you are first aid trained or demonstrate that you have access to trained first aided or veterinary surgery if required. 

15.  If you are providing a service where you will be in the owner’s home, you will ensure that you the house and the contents will be respected and left in the way it was found.

16.  All information shared with you from the customer will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of your company.

17.  You will have the required level of knowledge to deliver the service or services you are providing to the canine and/or customer.

18.  Where you are entrusted with house keys from an owner you must ensure that they are kept safe and secure at all times.

19.  If you are entering a customer’s property, you are DBS checked (formerly CRB) and can provide evidence to your customer.

20.  No other parties will be invited into the house without prior agreement from the homeowner.

21.  All premises used to provide canine services will be kept professional, tidy and hygienical clean at all times.

22.  You hold all relevant licensing from your local authorities if required.

23.  You adhere to current laws in your country regarding the dog to active member of staff ratio.

24.  Transparent pricing policy including expenses and additional costs that your customer is liable for should different circumstances arise, such as cancellation or late pick-up.

25.  All sick canines in your care will be isolated and professional advice will be sort. All guidance provided to you from professionals will be followed and documented to the owner.

26.  All equipment provided as part f your service will be maintained to the highest standard and cleaned regularly.

27.  All premises where canines are kept are secure and escape proof.

28.  Clear communication to other employees within the organisation of your commitment to Global Canine Welfares code of conduct

29.  At all times a high level of professionalism will be upheld to other canine service businesses.

At Global Canine Welfare it is important that all our members adhere to our code of conduct. The welfare of all canines is of the up most importance to our values and all that we do. If we are informed or believe that a member is in breach of any of the above points, we will be following our official membership review procedure which can be located at Click Here

Updated - 2nd May 2020 at 1050

Registered Address: Global Canine Welfare Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, Administration Office: 3 Vernon Villas, St Blazey, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2LF
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