Like all of us I have known some of my customers for a long time but this Covid-19 seems to have changed people (not just longer and greyer hair, nice lawns and newly painted houses!) it is like a military operation with checklists, hand gel, gloves, face masks a sanitised me and even cleaner van. I even made planning phone calls and emails with them.

So, the plan was to park in their drive, call them and they will come to the front door. I would bring one of my sanitised leads with gloves… so the plan seemed fool proof!!

However, Jake (the lurcher) did not know who I was with the face mask and new smells and did not know what to do. So, pause, keep a socially accepted distance, remove the mask, open the van and he knew. In fact, he just looked at his owners they looked at me with a nod they let him go, and he ran up to me and straight into the van, happy boy, owners over the moon and a new norm. So, pleased they have a drive with a gate.

The walk was awesome, so good to be out and about again passing people as they throw themselves into bushes to avoid you. Keeping Jake away from other dogs was a challenge for me and confusing for him (undoing months of that will be a challenge!!) but it was so quiet, wonderful and sunny. I am sure it won’t be like this for too long, the great British weather will return to type and give us sideways rain I am sure.

So back to Jake’s mum and dad, open doors, wash his feet. Happy owners very happy Jake and happy me (hoping the next one is as satisfying and works out as easy!)

I keep an old Tupperware tub. Ask your mum!! in the van with some diluted disinfectant and I am sure to pop the lead in, I then decontaminate the van (yeah it is a pain, but I will get used to it). I no longer keep blankets and have replaced them with a wipeable surface which I can also replace.

I think I have forgotten what normal is like but the time I save not drinking the tea and chatting with every owner gives me more time to catch up on my Barbara Woodhouse (ask your granny!!)

Advice from the Government is changing on a regular basis, we will keep up to date with Boris and his team and share with you more information soon.

Stay safe.

By Roy Newport

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