If you are considering getting a dog during these uncertain times, it's important to remember it’s a huge commitment and you must be able to care for them in the long term. You should think about what life will look on the other side of lockdown, when we are back to our usual commitments and routines. Consider what your usual daily and weekly life looks like and whether you can give a dog everything they need once things return to normal. Lockdown or not, whenever you decide to get a dog, you need to know you can afford food, bedding, vet treatment and insurance for the duration of the dogs’ life, too.

If you do decide on becoming a new dog owner, they will become used to having you around all the time in lockdown. There will always be times when they need to be left so the real trick is starting early and getting your dog (or puppy) used to being left from the moment you bring them home. This way when you do need to leave the house it becomes normal and they’ll know you’ll return. 

Another idea is to give your dog alone time with a chew toy in a different room. Returning to work could be distressing for your dog, if possible, continue to work from home some days or gradually build back up to your previous working routine.

This will give you and your dog a bit of an adjustment period rather than their routine suddenly changing.

By Sami Beale

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